Faculté EuroMed des Sciences Humaines et Sociales

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Tourism management and enhancement of heritage


Diploma awarded

: Mater

Duration of studies

: 2 years



Fundamental concepts
Tourism marketing
Euromed cultures
Heritage preservation
Cultural and heritage projects 
NTIC-internship and dissertation

Provide students with good quality training in the management and promotion of heritage tourism

Faculté EuroMed des Sciences Humaines et Sociales

Ability to analyze the economic, tourist, socio-cultural and heritage environment of the Euro-Mediterranean area.
Design, implementation and development of projects for the safeguarding and rehabilitation of heritage sites as part of a tourism development strategy.

Licence in SHS and competition

Computer laboratories - Multimedia equipment - software - library

Cultural foundation managers
Responsible for a heritage service or establishment, local and regional authorities and tourism organizations
Speaker of heritage tourism
Cultural mediator
Conservative and restorer of art
Culture Project Manager
Cultural travel designer