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Why participate in student life?

Studying isn't just about attending classes! It's an opportunity to live new experiences and explore your interests. It's a time to meet new people and shape your future.

And how do we do that? By getting involved in student life :


UEMF offers several opportunities for students to acquire and develop various cross-cutting skills. Aware of the importance of this learning as a means of complementing academic achievements in the classroom, the university encourages the creation and development of clubs as a means of offering a vibrant student life and fostering a sense of belonging to the UEMF community.

In addition to the artistic events and civic initiatives it undertakes, the university has some twenty clubs with diverse interests (artistic, cultural, social and educational).

Artistic and cultural activities:

The university organises a range of civic activities in the city and initiates a series of artistic events including the UEMF Got talents.


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