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Euromed Business School Grande Ecole Program


Diploma awarded

: Diploma from the Euromed Business School

Duration of studies

: 5 years


: Hicham Sebti

1st year
Office and Digital Tools for the Management student
Quantitative Methods for Management
Management and Entrepreneurship
Business economics
Decision Tools for Management
Marketing and Communication
Discovery course
2nd year
Economy and Sustainable Development
Management and Business Development
Quantitative Methods for Management 2
Economic and Legal Business Environment
Financial Management 1
Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship
Discovery course
3rd year
Quantitative Methods for Management 3
Management of People and Organizations
Project Management
Supply Chain Management and International Trade
Financial Management 2
Digital Economy
3rd language
Operational activity internship
4th and 5th years
Corporate Finance Option
Performance Management and Decision
Accounting of Groups and Accounting and Financial Software
Taxation and Financial Diagnosis
Banking and Market Finance
Financial Engineering and Business Valuation
Innovation and Artificial Intelligence
Merger-acquisition and Financing of the Digital Economy
International Financial Standards and Financial Audit
Professionalization for Finance Professions
3rd language
End of study internship

The course focuses on management with 4 specialization courses:

Business Finance
Performance Audit and Management
Marketing and Business Development
Digital Marketing and E-business

Euromed Business School

Analysis and understanding of the economic and managerial challenges of organizations;
Mastery of written and oral expression techniques, and languages;
Deployment of an innovation process to imagine products and solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders and organizations;
Synthesis, critical analysis and open-mindedness
Definition and implementation of a marketing strategy;
Mastery and use of digital tools in management
Definition and implementation of a business financial management strategy
Analysis and synthesis of economic, accounting and financial data:
Structuring and implementation of an audit mission


Access to the 1st year of the Grande Ecole Program
Hold an economic baccalaureate or equivalent;
Access competition


IT tools and specialized software

Sales manager;
Marketing project manager;
Development manager,…….