Faculté Euromed de Génie (FEMG)

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Environmental Engineering and Water Management


Diploma awarded

: Master

Duration of studies

: 2 years


: Saïd El Kazzouli

This study programme aims to train professionals capable of having a cross-cutting vision (scientific, technical and humanist) of environmental issues and water management in particular. The development of clean technologies (processes, methods or tools) to solve environmental problems attributable to human activities, with a particular interest to the Euro-Mediterranean region.
To do this, the student in this programme will acquire advanced knowledge in the field of environmental science (scientific and technical methods, knowledge of ecosystems, techniques of analysis and treatment of pollutants, water management and treatment, remote sensing tools and GIS, national and international policy, green economy, etc.) and supplement his training with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills constituting the UEMF profile (common denominator of all programmes offered by the UEMF)

The UEMF mission aims to equip the student with: 

certified multilingual skills (French, English and Spanish next to the mother tongue); mastery of ICT tools (Information and Communication Technologies);

knowledge in entrepreneurship and innovation management; 

knowledge about the history and civilizations of the Euro-Mediterranean region in order to better share its rich heritage. 

The student will acquire the abilities and skills necessary to analyze the technical, economic, social and human challenges posed by environmental problems. Simulation sessions, group work and role-playing are planned for this purpose, as well as outings, visits and exchanges with academic and socio-economic partners.


Faculté Euromed de Génie (FEMG)

This Master's degree offers participants the opportunity to acquire a broad culture and skills in:

Environmental sciences and techniques 
Environmental management (politics, economy, resource management) 
Humanities and environment (preservation of the Euro-Mediterranean heritage) 
Water treatment and management

The program also aims to help students develop the ability to approach environmental issues across disciplines, integrating their respective contributions (interdisciplinary approach), and to seek and negotiate shared solutions with the different parties.


A degree in a scientific field or any recognized equivalent diploma. Selection is made based on the results obtained and interview with members of the admissions committee.

HPLC, GC-MS, Infrared, UV-visible

This programme allows you to acquire:
Scientific and technological tools for understanding environmental problems 
An understanding of the indicators that regulate sustainable development at the legal, economic and managerial levels 

This Master programme aims to train professionals capable of:
Working in the field of sustainable development and water resources management, in the private and / or public sectors
Working in various environments: local authorities, associations / NGOs, companies, consulting, design offices
Analysing and building concrete and cross-disciplinary solutions.

Upon completing the programme, graduates will be able to integrate into the professional world and enter the job market, working in sectors such as:
Public and semi-public institutions (ONEE, OCP, ONDA,…) 
Regional councils and town halls
Municipal water and electricity distribution boards
Research centers 
International institutions
Employment sectors include:
health and safety management of workers in companies;
enterprise risk management;
environmental management;
quality management in companies;
local and regional authorities;
security engineering;
approved control offices;
mass distribution;
agro-food industries;
industries (chemical, metallurgical, phosphates, etc.);

The versatility of the training provides access to various occupations: 

Quality / Health-Safety-Environment Manager / Project Manager 
Quality control manager 
Risk manager 
Waste treatment manager 
Specialized manager in business environment 
Technical framework for associations and environmental defense groups 
Environmental advisor